Macbeth reacts to the new prophecy in a disgusted way, like he doesn’t want to accepted the new prophecy. The three witches give Macbeth three new prophecies. The first one was that he needs to be aware of Macduff. The second one was that no men of women born shall harm him meaning that no […]

Macduff and Edward attempting a war and Macbeth is suspicios.

The Banquo’s scene was about Macbeth feelings. To let know the audience how depresed he was and how afected him Macbeth sees Banquo’s ghost in his sit on a banquet and and talks with the lords with trepidation I don’t understand why does Macbeth wants Flenace dead also. Why he is trying to break the […]

I am in stepp’d so far that should I wade no more, Returning were as tedians as go o-er. -Macbeth is trying to break the prophecy? -Flenace will have revenge? -Macbeth would be lonely? Blood=Murder-Metaphor Why would you use the word blood intend of murder? There is 3 bloods making 3 murder the first one […]

Does Macbeth trust the vision of the dagger? I don’t think so because if he trust the vision of the dagger he would’t be scared if something went wrong on the plan of killing the king. What might the symbol of the dagger represents? Why? I think that the dagger represent if Macbeth tries to […]

Does Macbeth trust the vision of the dagger? I don’t think so because if he trust the vision of the dagger he would be sure with out questions that he can kill the king What mightthe symbol of the dagger represent? Why? I think that the dagger symbolises what will happen in a future if […]

This Scene starts with macbeth having a  sililoqueen  about having to kill king duncant or not. As soon as Lady Macbeth enters Macbeth tell her to not to countinue with the plan of killing king Duncan As Lady Macbeth hears this she is displeased with Macbeths thoughts and then she insult his as titel a […]

T.1 who were the main characters? did you like or dislike them? Why? Although the book is called harry potter and the cursed child, in this book the main character is his son Albus Potter and his life on Hogwarts. I didn’t dislike the main character but I also didn’t like it. I think maybe is because is the […]

Shakespearde represents Macbeth by being a bloody man, this is said by the king asking ” who is that bloody man?” And malcom respond tha he is a brave and hardy soldier saying tha macbeth is really strong on battel and giving the impresion that Macbeth is unstopeable in battel     By : johan

T.1- to give 5 verbs and if there is any pattern and why Verbs: circling, appeared, worked, discover, waited. There is a pattern on every single verb and is that on the verbs they are talking in presenet tense ( ing ) and on past tense ( ed ) but not on future tense. This […]